Forceclean All Purpose Rig Wash

ForceClean is a high performance, biodegradable, multi-purpose, cleaner and degreaser designed to remove the toughest oilfield, industrial, and institutional debris and grime. It is what our ForceSolve Frac tank cleaner is based on. The product cuts through oil-based drilling mud, oily cuttings, grease-soiled equipment, oily slippery decks, railing, etc. It “lifts” the soils for easy removal and thorough rinsing. ForceClean was specifically formulated to pass stringent airline, aircraft manufacturer, and government specifications while providing the cleaning coefficient of solvents no longer acceptable or utilized. As a precision cleaner, ForceClean can be used in heated tanks, automatic washers, or in ambient temperature ultrasonic systems, for thorough cleaning and water break-free rinsing.

Using ForceClean will reduce the need for countless cleaners in the average operation as its broad spectrum applicability will impress the toughest users. With guaranteed lower use cost, superior cleaning and multi-application capabilities, ForceClean is the ideal choice for your cleaning operations.

Degreasing Features:

  • USDOT Non-regulated; easy to ship, store, and apply.
  • No SARA or CERCLA reportable quantities to concern bulk storage facilities.
  • Passes or exceeds environmental and industrial standards for biodegradable, heavy-duty cleaners.
  • Broad-spectrum product; replaces numerous products in any business operation.
  • Multiple application methods allow easy product integration into present cleaning programs.
  • Surpasses competitive chemical formulation in both lab and field tests; used at numerous major oil companies after exceeding their careful selection criteria.
  • Ease of blending from the concentrate coupled with freight savings due to the concentration of performance materials yields low use cost.

Forceclean Use Examples:

  • Rig Wash – wash your oil well free of oil and grease. This may be the best drilling rig cleaner you’ll ever try.
  • Bilge cleaning – get your facility or marine vessel clean in no time.
  • Boat cleaning – biodegradable boat cleaner/boat wash is an excellent addition to your boat cleaning kit & will remove debris from your deck and anywhere else on your ship.
  • Fleet washing and truck washing – great for your own company or if you run a power washing cleaning service.
  • Equipment cleaning – try out our product on your industrial equipment
  • Barge cleaning – clean your tank barges, ocean barges, rake barges, dump barges.
  • Tank cleaning – clean out the sludge in your oil tank. Our products are among the best in petroleum tank cleaners.
  • Aircraft Wash- formulated to pass stringent airline, aircraft manufacturers, and government cleaner criteria
  • Any equipment that requires your employees to use a Biodegradable Heavy Duty soap
  • Barge cleaning – we have a variation of ForceClean called ForceClean DG – a multipurpose degassing compound that produces no foam.

Soap Application:

ForceClean should be diluted with fresh water at a ratio of 1:1 up to 1:64 depending on the amount of grease or soiling present. Apply diluted product and allow the surface to soak for a minimal amount of chemical contact and wetting time. Remove solvated or dispersed soils by pressure washing, brushing, mopping, or wiping until thoroughly clean. ForceClean can be applied with heated or steam washers, pressure pumps, or with any liquid proportioning device.

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