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Force Chem Technologies Answers Frequently Asked Questions
May 14, 2019 at 12:00 AM
by Force Chem Technologies
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Force Chem is one of the leading oil companies in San Antonio. We produce some of the most exclusive drilling fluids and oilfield chemicals available on the current market. Since we started designing and manufacturing our products, we've had a lot of questions come in from our customers. We've answered them right here, making it easier for our customers to find the information they need.

1. How long have we been designing and manufacturing our products?

  • We opened our doors in 2013. We're a Louisiana and Texas-based company that is passionate about delivering exceptional results to our customers. This is why we offer a large product range, and we're constantly adding more to it each year. Whether you need drilling fluids or a host of oilfield chemicals, we can deliver.

2. What sets Force Chem's products apart?

  • Our products are one of a kind. We take great pride in thinking outside of the box to create unique specialty compounds that are consistently effective when it comes to helping your equipment. We wanted to sell products that were unlike anything our customers had ever seen before, and we wanted to revolutionize the oil business. This is where our products excel.

3. Who are our customers?

  • Our customer base ranges from large-scale operations with renowned companies to smaller and privately-held entities. Our customers return to us again and again because they know that they'll get excellent value for their money coupled with innovative solutions that can make their equipment work better and extend the equipment's lifespan. Since competition in the industry is so steep, this is invaluable.

4. What type of products do we offer at Force Chem?

  • As we mentioned, our product lines are continually expanding as we dedicate more time to formulating and manufacturing superior solutions to our customers' problems. We currently offer a range of cleaners, drilling fluids, production chemicals, fracking fluids, and completion and coiled tubing fluids. They'll take buildup and grime away while ensuring that your equipment doesn't get bogged down and overheat.

5. How can we have such cost-effective and quality products?

  • It's simple. We've learned over the years that profit and success follow when you have product development that is results-oriented rather than profit and sales-oriented. We devote a lot of time to providing quality products to our customers, and it shows by our consistent sales and happy customer base.

6. What areas do we cover?

  • We have our bases in Louisiana and Texas, and we serve the Broussard, Lousiana area along with the Corpus Christi, Odessa, and San Antonio areas in Texas. Since this is a huge oil and gas sector, we can deliver our products all over these areas quickly and easily to ensure that our customers have everything they need to accomplish their tasks.

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