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A Look at the Services We Offer at Force Chem Technologies
April 1, 2019 at 12:00 AM
by Force Chem Technologies

Force Chem Technologies is your one-stop shop for all of your oil rig cleaner needs. We're the premier oil rig cleaners on the market and we've developed an exclusive line of products specially designed for the drilling and workover segments of the oil sector.

All of our cleaners focus on the hydrocarbon life cycle, and we pride ourselves on thinking outside the box to come up with innovative cleaning solutions for our clients. Since 2013, we've been revolutionizing the way the oil industry cleans, and we want to share our products with you below.

Force Chem Technologies Offers Five Groups of Exclusive Cleaning Products

You can choose from five different groups of cleaning agents when you use Force Chem Technologies. If you need a cleaner, we have it! Our products are as follows: 


We design our premium oil rig cleaners to be able to handle several different applications on well sites for drilling production. We offer the ForceClean, ForceSolve, and ForceWash series that work to clean frac tanks and cuttings, break through oil-based mud, remove pipe dope and degreasing tools, and much more. We have: 

  • ForceClean - ForceClean is a biodegradable cleaner and degreaser. The ForceClean X2 is the highest concentration product we offer for heavy-duty cleaning applications.
  • ForceSolve - ForceSolve is the thicker and soapier version of ForceClean. It's great for frac tanks. ForceSolve X2 is the higher concentration of the original.
  • ForceWash- We combine the cleaning power of ForceSolve with the power of an oxygen scavenger to boost the solution's cleaning power.

Drilling Fluids

Our exclusive line of lubricants works to extend the life of your equipment by cooling the heat from around the drill bit, motor, and from the hydraulic pumps. Our drilling fluids offer a superior coefficient of friction ratings when you compare it to our competitors. Our line includes: 

  • ForceSlide
  • ForceLoob
  • ForceFree
  • ForceTas PH
  • ForceCet PH
  • ForcePenadrill
  • ForceBeads PX and GX
  • ForceScav HS 420
  • ForceSurf Scale X
  • ForceSurf XLR 8
  • ForceSurf 2500
  • ForceSurf 2900
  • ForceSurf 5900
  • Force Fluid Viscosifiers

Completion and Coiled Tubing Fluids

We use natural polymers that we design to reduce friction in any water-based fracturing operations. They work to inhibit corrosion, and this can extend the life of your equipment. We offer an extensive line of completion and coiled tubing fluids, which allows you to customize your purchases to suit your unique wants and needs to keep your machinery running in top form. You can pick from:

  • ForceGel XV
  • ForceGel XVE
  • Force Gel XLR-8
  • SlickForce 1011
  • SlickForce 1102
  • ForcePop
  • ForceFoam 935 Foamer
  • ForceHib WB-527
  • ForceTracker Dyes
  • ForceDFoam 975 and ForceDFoam 977
  • ForcePac 240 Packer Fluid
  • ForceFluids D-1100
  • ForceFluids D-1022
  • ForceFluids D-1023
  • StableForce

Production Chemicals

At Force Chem Technologies, we supply our one premium line of production chemicals. Working at the same levels as our other products, these production chemicals use the newest technology to give you a next-level clean. We'll customize your production chemicals based on your field samples to give you an exact solution that cleans better than any other option. Our production chemical line includes: 

  • ForceScav OS
  • ParaForce 2033
  • HydraForce 2263
  • ForceHib CI-104
  • ForceHib CI-293
  • ForceBreak EB-727, EB-729, and EB-709
  • ForceBreak TB-760
  • ForceHib SI-503
  • ForceHib SI-515
  • ForceHib SI-516
  • ForceHib SC-630

Fracking Fluids

Our fracking fluids are specially designed to deliver exceptional results for oil-in-water and water-in-oil emulsions. They help to improve petroleum products for our clients. Our fracking fluids are non-flammable, environmentally-friendly, and non-hazardous because they're all water-based products. We currently offer: 

  • ScaleForce HD
  • ForceBreaker NE 77
  • ForceHIb CI-250

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